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James Evry

I am a BBSRC funded DPhil student working in OxNav,
supervised by Tim Guilford.



My main interest is the at-sea behaviour of seabirds, with a particular focus on the Manx Shearwater. Using a variety of data-loggers attached to shearwaters at several breeding colonies on offshore islands around the UK, we gather extensive and detailed information on movement, salt-water immersion, light, pressure, temperature, etc. I will use a range of computational methods to analyse these data and make inferences about birds' behaviour at-sea, where direct observation over a sustained period is near impossible. Using this behavioural information and data gathered during colony monitoring during the breeding season, I will explore how shearwaters strategically adjust their foraging efforts throughout the annual cycle, and how this impacts on reproductive success.


Contact Details

James Evry
Wadham College
University of Oxford
South Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PS