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Akiko Shoji

I'm a D.Phil. student in the Animal Behaviour Research Group at Oxford University, supported by JASSO.
My research project is concerned with the ecology and behaviour of seabirds, with an emphasis on incubation strategy, life history theory and conservation issues. My field studies mainly focus on behavioural ecology of Manx Shearwaters on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, the UK. I am interested in the decision-making process for parental effort during nesting in the colony, especially incubation shift length, time/energy allocation, predation risk and foraging conditions, and the mechanisms that cause nest desertion by parent.

To gain in ideas of ecophysiology and evolutionary biology, I collaborate with Katherine Wynne-Edwards at University of Calgary and with Stéphane Aris-Brosou at University of Ottawa in Canada.



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