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Allert Bijleveld


I am a behavioural ecologists visiting from the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research. My research focusses on the causes and consequences of consistent individual differences (animal personalities), and collective behaviour. I am particularly interested in how these phenomena interact with the environment to affect movement, spatial distributions and fitness. In my studies, I combine field observations, controlled experiments, as well as modelling techniques.

At the University of Oxford, I collaborate with Dora Biro and study the interaction between leadership and learning in Homing Pigeons. Recent experiments revealed that leadership correlates with how quickly pigeons learn routes that are more efficient. The question remains whether leaders are better learners, or whether leaders become better because they take a more active role in navigating. The latter mechanism is particularly interesting as it suggests a previously unexplored causal interaction between leadership and learning.

For more information, please visit my NIOZ website , and you can find my publications on Research Gate and Google Scholar.